Healthy and Comfortable: New TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner Gives Superb Cooling

Not all air conditioners are created equal.  With a lot of choices in the market coming out nowadays, you might be given a lot of options to try on.

But when it comes to enjoying a perfect balance of cool air while pampering your well-being and ensuring ultimate comfort, there’s something that can fit into your preference. TCL, the leading consumer electronics company, launches the newest UV Connect+ Air Conditioner. It’s about time to discover a breath of fresh and healthy living.

TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner
New TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner Gives Superb Cooling, Health, & Comfort

The TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner is defined as the next level of coolness. It is more about comfort and convenience for everyone. Definitely an upgrade on your regular air conditioning unit because of its topline cooling and cleaning aspects such as Gentle Breeze, CleanXpress, and Extreme Cooling.

The Future of Staying Cool

You can fully enjoy comfortable cooling with soft laminar airflow as highlighted by the Gentle Breeze feature. The TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner is made of 18 S-shaped blades with 1422 micro-holes that break up the airflow and even out the wind. It creates a comfortable indoor environment and avoids the dryness of direct blowing wind.

For the CleanXpress highlight, this one provides a systematic clean solution from reminding to cleaning as it becomes automatic. It also has a 3-step Auto Clean that works from frosting, and defrosting to drying, its deep clean feature also utilizes water molecules in the air to clean away dust, dirt, and other impurities. Likewise, the Filter cleaning reminder appears on the TCL home app and front panel.

TCL UV Connect
TCL UV Connect+ Gentle Breeze

To top it all off, the Extreme Cooling feature makes cooling possible in any room temperature conditions. Keep your cool even on a scorching day and even stay cooler no matter the temperature. Its air-cooled E-box ensures continuous cooling even at 60°C ambient and 100% cooling capacity output at 50°C ambient.

An Air Conditioner Like No Other

The TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner also has its secondary features that can best suit your busy lifestyle.

Looking for a healthy filter feature, this air conditioner unit is created with a 6-in-1 filter system including a silver ion filter, active carbon filter, catechin filter, photocatalyst filter, anti-dust filter, and vitamin C filter, which keeps away from bacteria. While the UVC Sterilization Pro emits ultraviolet light that offers superior performance in countering toxins. A certified purification procedure that destroys the DNA / RNA of viruses and bacteria – delivering sterilized air, with no negative side effects.

UVC Sterilization
UVC Sterilization

The best feature of TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner is the IOT Connection which gives you the convenience of connection with just a click on your mobile phone device through the TCL Home App. You can control the room temperature, set its 8 flow angles, monitor the self-diagnosis of the air conditioner unit, and even manage the electricity that you use.

The TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner prices vary from P 20,000P 30,000 per dealer store with HP capacity of the aircon of 1.0HP and 1.5HP.

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Know more about TCL and the TCL UV Connect+ Air Conditioner on their website.

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