Pull-Heat-Eat with Hotbox!

Sometime last year, we received our first Hotbox meal. Back then, face to face events were not allowed so event organizers would send us food in trays and Hotbox. First impressions, we were amazed with the steam coming out from the box. And how it keeps food fresh, presentable, hot and ready to eat in 15minutes.

Hotbox Ph during the Cebu Pacific event

Pull – Heat – Eat

Started in 2019, Hotbox Philippines promises diners that their food will always be fresh and hot when it is time to eat. Food deliveries always strive to bring orders piping hot, but by the time the order is brought to the customer’s doorstep, the temperature may have become tepid, which affects the texture and the flavors. Food plays a big part in the way Filipinos bond. Having unappetizing meals not only for take-out and deliveries but also for meetings, parties, and outdoor activities take away the enjoyment of savouring that moment. Hotbox Philippines seeks to change the way Pinoys enjoy packaged meals with technology that heats up your food right at the time that you are ready to dig in, anytime and anywhere.

Piolo Pascual

Hotbox Philippines partners, Fil-American TV commercial producer Romeo Joven with actors Piolo Pascual and Eric Quizon say that with their innovation, the world can be your dining room. This concept is perfect for hot meals at home when you are too busy to cook, a perfectly packed lunch for when you have that one more meeting to attend, or road trips with family and friends so you can have a hot and appetizing meal by the beach or at the hiking grounds.

Romeo Joven, Hotbox Philippines

“At home or in the office, we may use a microwave oven, to reheat our packed food, but the heat dries up your dish and makes it less appetizing as well as the food getting cold fast. With Hotbox’s steam technology, your food is hot within 5 minutes. There is also no rush to eat as your food continues to heat up to 30 minutes at over 80 degrees Celsius. Because of our technology, the food retains its original quality and texture. Our clients love the product because their food tastes like it is fresh from the stovetop or oven,” says Hotbox CEO Romeo Joven.

“With Hotbox, you no longer have to deal with meals that have gone cold. All you need to do is Pull, Heat, and Eat,” says Piolo. “With Hotbox, I know that even when I am busy with my tapings on location, I will be able to have hot meals to power me through my next scenes.”

Director Eric Quizon

The self-heating boxes are also more earth-friendly because there is less plastic waste and there is no need to use electricity for a microwave. This makes it a perfect on-the-go package for your meals. Hotbox Philippines offers several Filipino and International cuisine choices in its online menu, and they can also accept orders for customized boxes to be delivered for meetings or special occasions. For more information about Hotbox Philippines, visit www.hotboxph.com or follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts @hotboxphils. #theworldisyourdiningroom

Customized Hotbox

Hotbox Philippines also sent us a personalized bentabox with our photo in it, a pizza box and a smaller benta box. We love the food especially the beef and salmon dishes. If you want to try Hotbox, visit their page for more details.

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