OORI in Sheraton Manila Offers New Dishes Feat. Tajima Wagyu

Watching Korean films and series during the height of the pandemic became our favorite form of R&R. The movies were not only entertaining, also informative. Now, I have a long list of  must-see places and must-try Korean foods for our upcoming trip to Korea.

Jonel and Marjorie of SeatsForTwo

We’ve been planning to visit Korea, hopefully this year. While waiting for the country to open its doors to foreign tourists, we will just indulge in authentic Korean dishes in Manila. One of the best restaurants that offers such is OORI at Sheraton Hotel Manila.

OORI Korean Grill Restaurant

OORI Korean Grill Restaurant in Sheraton Hotel Manila offers premium Angus steak and Wagyu, sustainable seafood and high-quality pork grilled using a special charcoal table grill called Downdraft. This Downdraft technology offers a smokeless experience for diners, so the smell of grilled food won’t stick to your hair and clothes.

Korean banchan

We started having Korean banchan consisting of kimchi, sweet potatoes, spicy Korean coleslaw, radish salad and stir-fried anchovy. While waiting for the mains to be served, we munch on these yummy side dishes. Marj loves sweet potatoes and fried anchovy.

Some appetizers. We love the fried anchovies and sweet potatoes
Korean Side Dish

Next came is the Dakgangjung, a deep fried chicken glazed in a flavorful sweet and spicy sauce. We were delighted that it was not too spicy. It is great with OORI’s Bibimbap.

A famous Korean food, Haemul Pajeun or seafood pancake topped with green onion and served with OORI’s special sauce came next.

Haemul Pajun or seafood pancake

New Dishes featuring Tajima Wagyu and Yangnyeom Galbi

The much-awaited part of our meal served premium beef. Back in 2020, we tried their Australian Mulwarra Wagyu Beef and the tender-juicy Spanish-branded Duroc pork. Today though, we’re having the Tajima Wagyu and Yangnyeom Galbi, both of which were newly added to the menu. The set comes with assorted vegetables. Just by looking at the photo you can almost sense the aroma and flavor of these premium beef. Both were juicy and flavorful but we love the Tajima Wagyu more because of its tender-juicy meat. You can eat it with rice or wrapped in fresh lettuce with your choice of condiments.

Tajima Wagyu
Tajima Wagyu Strip Loin
Yangnyeom Galbi
Yangnyeom Galbi

And finally for dessert, we enjoyed the Mango Bingsu with mango chunks.

OORI is located on the 2nd floor of Sheraton Manila at the Resorts World Manila compound. It’s open from 12nn to 2:30pm and dinner time is 6pm until 10:30pm. You may visit their page at  https://www.facebook.com/sheratonmanila.

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If you’re looking for a safe place to dine with outstanding customer service, check out OORI. Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience at Sheraton Manila’s Korean Restaurant, OORI.

Jonel & Marjorie Uy

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