Couple Yoga, The Kundalini Way

Yoga” means ‘union, the fusion of body, mind, and spirit to achieve inner peace & balance’. For couples, partner yoga can be a lot more.

Partner Yoga
Partner Yoga Headed by Rosan Cruz

Partner Yoga

In a Kundalini Partner Yoga we recently attended, we expeeienced a unique and interesting bonding activity for couples.

Partner Yoga aims to help couples by easing past misunderstandings and frustrations through a sense of physical rythm and energy flow achieved through the practice of yoga.

What makes it more special is the utilization of the concept “touch“, as most wives would agree on.

It also enhances the husband-wife relationship, strengthening and improving the senses for better communication.

Standing Yoga Pose
Standing Yoga Pose

Aside from improving relationships, couple yoga is said to be a healing ability as it encourages the partners to become more open which each other; openness that allows forgiveness and become more connected, as explained by Ms. Rosan Cruz, our Yoga Instructor.

Take note that Partner Yoga is not for lovers alone. It could be shared with a sibling, a co-worker, or a friend.

Our Couple Yoga Experience

Our first couple yoga under the care of Ms. Rosan Cruz happened a day before Valentine’s Day. What perfect timing right? 🙂

Partner Yoga
Partner Yoga Headed by Rosan Cruz

It was not the first Kundalini Yoga class for Mrs. Uy, however. She had a solo an individual-based class a few months ago. Since then, she was hoping to attend more yoga classes to experience and learn various types of yoga poses.

“I felt more relaxed and stronger after the yoga class. At first, it was hard to follow the poses, but Rosan told us to just do what is comfortable for us, since it’s our first time. It also felt good whenever I was able to do the difficult poses. The sweat from my skin was like a toxin  flushed out of my body.”

The Partner Kundalini Yoga was set in a cozy yoga center – Yoga Life – in Burgos Circle, Taguig City.

We were about seven couples in total. most of them were foreigners and seemingly regular attendees.

Unfortunately, we missed the first part of the class because we’re a bit late due to the road construction that morning along EDSA-Santolan. Nonetheless, we came just in time for the second part and re-starting the breathing exercises.

Kundalini Yoga Position
Back–To-Back Yoga Position

Our Favorite Partner Yoga Pose

One of the partner yoga poses we learned is the back-to-back sitting position.

Our backs should touch one another. One folds forward from the hips while keeping their back straight. On rhe other hand,  the partner will relax with head and shoulders onto their partner’s back.

Kundalini Yoga
Ohmmm…the Resting Pose.

The Sound of Gong

There is a lot of therapeutic ways in doing meditation. One of which is ‘Gong Bath‘.

It’s the use of gong, while playing a therapeutic sound that stimulates the glandular system. The sound helps in blood circulation and removing blockages, both physically and emotionally.

Rosan Cruz Kundalini Yoga Instructor
Rosan Cruz Playing the gong at the “Power Of Two” Partner Yoga

This was our first time as well, and the sound reminded us of temples and monks :).

Both of us found it relaxing while Mrs. almost fell asleep. Mr. Uy was day-dreaming of Thailand. 🙂

Life Yoga BGC

Yoga Life is a relaxing and space-efficient health center which had a small restaurant inside as well.

There were two rooms used for classes. Their toilet and bathroom walls had hanging frames and decors that encourages people to get into yoga further.

Yoga Life BGC
Yoga Life BGC
Kundalini Yoga Rosan Cruz
Kundalini Yoga at Yoga Life BGC

The restaurant serves organic and healthy snacks & meals. We tried the salmon dish with rice and veggie and it was good!

Rosan Cruz, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Mrs. Uy first met Rosan at Discovery Primea where she held one of her Kundalini Yoga Class.

Rosan Cruz, Yoga Instructor
Rosan Cruz, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Rosan is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and Life Coach. Know more about her or join her classes at You can follow her personal journey on Instagram @RosanCruz

Couples in Kundalini Yoga
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Partner Yoga overall helps in achieving inner peace as a couple, promoting open communication, and increased physical awareness for each other. Moreover, it helps in flexibility, balance, and strengthening muscles like other yoga variants.

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